Friday, September 10, 2010

Hii! Good news.

Okay yeah..I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not a daily blogger type of person lol. I really want to keep updating yall and also keep some sort of journal of my own journey, but findin the time to write a quality blog for each dvd is tiresome :-/ ..but I am still doing it!! NO I have not given up and I'm faitihfully doing the dvds.. It's amazing how miuch more stamina I have.. and I"ve stopped vomiting!!! YAYYYYYY *happy dance

I've been toying with the idea of starting the program over from the beginning because I feel like these few weeks have just been getting to the "fit enough to really do the exercises right" part.. I know my form wasn't the greatest in the beginning and then because of the EXTREME soreness in my legs, body, back, KNEES, ankles, and feet my subsequent performance during the dvds probably wasn't 110% like Shaun T wants,

Now my form is excellent and my knees are much much stronger..should I start over?

Also..I broke and joined a gym.. When I do these dvds..believe it or not..I'm on such an adrenaline high that I like to go jogging in the park after.. Sometimesd the weather and time of day isn't conducive to that (safety and all)

I actually found a gym right down the street from my house (30 secs) and it opens at I'll be able to do my dvd..and get on elliptical before I go to work.. Or do my dvd, go to work then gym after work.. Excited!

But yes, as I mentioned more daily updates.. Monthly updates from now on :) pictures coming soon hopefully!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I skipped a day of writing in the blog, but have no fear I did not skip a day of the insanity program. Yesterday, I can't even lie.. yesterday hurt. I pushed myself to wake up at6:45 am again to complete my workout before I started work. This was soo necessary because I was doing a double shift and not getting home until midnite.

the morning's workout was called Cardio Power and Resistance. Before I even got into the "warm up"...and I put that into quotations because that warm up is a workout by itself :-/

Today I woke I read online that it's a good idea to do your own REAL warmup and stretchign before doing Shaun T's. So I took 15 mins to really stretch out my thighs, calves, and back which went a long way towards feeling better. After that I was limber and ready to work out

I don't feel muich like typing today, but it was hell. There were a lot of routines t hat involved pushups that I simply couldn't do. I modified what I could, but still did 80% of the routine..

Vomited again! Great just great! :-/

LATERZ! ~ NaijaSissy

Thursday, August 19, 2010


One of my greatest challenges with this program will be finding the time to work in a workout every day like Shaun T. demands. But as many people on the path to better fitness say "You have to MAKE time and sacrifice some leisure time"

I work 8-4 most days, then depending on my schedule will usually go to my second job. For example today I'm doing a 9-4 then immediately going to my next job until 12 midnite. So that leaves me with 2 choices

A) Work out at 12 midnite after working 16hrs..
B) Sacrifice an hour of sleep and wake up at 7 to work out.

I'lll take B..spank you very much!

The dvd I did this morning was called PLYOMETRIC CARDIO CIRCUIT. Let me start by posting a review of this particular workout that I found online because I feel like it says it better than I can.

Overall Impression
"This circuit really solidified for me that beginners can do this program, contrary to popular belief. You may need to take breaks; you may need to quit early; you may need to skip a day or two. However, I guarantee you will feel like you worked out HARD even if you try 10 minutes of INSANITY. And the greatest part, in my opinion, is that you're done in 35-45 minutes, and you're already in the comfort of your home and therefore avoiding traffic on a long drive home from the gym!"

^^ Yes, I am *** lbs.. lol..nah I can't tell my much as I wanna share this with you..I do have readers from this website, NR, that just can't be privy to info like that.. I'd live to regret it lmao.. But BMI wise I'd be considered obese and though I couldn't make it through the entire is definitely do-able. I quit 10 minutes early because my body simply couldn't move anymore. And that's okay because like Shaun wanted I PUSHED until I couldn't push anymore..and as the days continue I'll repeat this dvd and will be able to last longer and longer

Now, let's be real:

I dont want paint this lalala picture of me flying gracefully through the workouts with a huge smile of my face, fist pumping during rest breaks.. I'm going to keep it real with you.

EVERYTHING HURTS..the muscles in my butt hurts, I had to walk down the stairs sideways this morning, and every movement I make is accompanied with a groan. Shaun is the DEVIL HIMSELF..

*Katt williams voice* "this shit right herree, nigga??!! This shit right hereee?!!"

I feel like someone just took a hammer to my body and tenderized me.. Yes..that is the perfect metaphor..I feel mutha lovin' TENDERIZED..

I vomited twice doing this workout, but to my credit got right back in the game after my quick purge lol.. Sorry to gross you out, but NaijaSissy is finna' keep it real for y'all because if you try this you need to know what you're going to be up against.

It was the jump squats that did me in...I got about 3 in and *covers mouth* that was it..

All through the day..I limped more and more.. As I am sitting in my office chair I can literally feel the muscles in my thighs, calves, and back tightening .. THIS HURTS.. Everytime I attempt to sit down or stand up...HELL any movement... I groan and moan and whimper in agony..

The craziest that I'm going to continue tomorrow morning.. DIG DEEPER!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


O...m....g.. so ...

I ran home from work excited and eager to do the first dvd in the Insanity program. Day 1 is the "Fit Test". It's about 25-38 minutes long and the purpose of it to see provide a baseline for yourself to be able to compare your fitness levels on Day 15, 36, 50 and 63. The idea is that the longer you do the program your fitness level will improve and you'll be able to do more reps of each program for a longer duration of time.

Okay...all the technical stuff aside.. I donned my double 'cuz you know us top heavy girls can't have all our goodies smacking us in the face as we're jumping around. Laced up my sneaks, put on my tights, and since I was in the privacy of my own apartment just worked out like that.. In my bra and tights lmao..just like those skinny bitches in the video :D (Another thing I couldn't do at home OR in the gym..not with all my jigglies hanging out)

Put the dvd on ..hit play ..and we go! Slow jogging okay.. side to side leaps, and some other non strenuous stuff. I'm breathing a bit hard and feeling pretty darn good about myself.. then I hear "That was the warm up" errr?? You mean we didn't start yet??

It went downhill from there... cheiiiii! There were 8 excercises and here are the number of reps I was able to do in the time allotted:

1. Switch Kicks - 128
2. Power Jacks-27
3. Power Knees-70
4. Power Jumps-8 really bad ones, 1 good one with good form
5.Globe Jumps- 2
6. Suicide Jumps-3
7. Push-UP Jacks-0..yes, I said 0.I can't even do one friggin push up :-(
8.Low Plank Oblique- 15

Needless to say, my numbers are wayyyyy lower than the people on the dvd accomplished and while I'm not in the greatest of shape..and took plenty..PLENTY of least I got through it! But let's talk about how I felt..

Did I feel energized, happy, with a crazy stream of adrenaline rushing though my body.... NO..
Omygosh..I almost fainted 3 times.. and actually rushed to the bathroom once because I felt bile coming up my throat..I definitely dry heaved into the toilet. I'm glad Shaun emphasized at the beginning of the dvd and throughout that it's okay to take a rest if needed because I sho' as hell did. I can honestly say that with all the different exercises and dvds andf classes that I have tried I have never done anything as strenuous as this..

and it's a bit deceiving! Because I'm looking at the moves and you're thinking "Oh this looks easy.." Then my obese frame actually gets on the floor and tries to jump up and fllyyyyy in the air like the other peope in the dvd *crickets chirping* My knees and back cried and then scornfully laughed in total protest..

I'm excited to see how I perform on my next fitness test..

but yeah, definitely spent 30-40minutes on the floor, clutching my inhaler for dear life, wheezing while my cat curiously settles in between my sprawled legs because she thinks we're about to take a nap. I heard cats in nursing homes have a tendency to cuddle up with patients because they know when that person's about to die..hmm.. God forbid lol.. But I certainly felt like my time had came lol..

So..we haven't talked about the diet part of this fitness regime.. the program does come with a recommended diet plan, but I choose to follow my good ol' standby "ATKINS" As I've explained before this is the diet abi way of life that has worked for me and I think that with the combination of INSANITY and Atkins..I'ma be an even sexier someborri in 60 days :)

LATERZ! ~Naijasissy
You see this picture below?

This is the INSANITY workout.. I had been seeing the infomercials for this program developed by Shaun T of beach bodies. I know a few people who have attempted to complete the program and some who actually have and it seems like just the type of high intensity workout that I love.

It reminds me of when I was doing my undergrad in New York and I was going to the Bally's there. DUDE..New Yorkers are hard core with their fitness mayne! I'd be in their group classes and they'd be screaming and grunting and "whewww!!!" "yeahhhh" "Alright!!"" and I FED off it..I dug it..

I know says the workout is for people who are already in really good shape, which I'm clearly not..but don't let the "jiggly fat" decieve you.. I'm a nimble big girl lol.. and I'm sure I can thug it out if I start out slowly.. issue.. this damn thing cost upwards of $80-$150!! And that's depending on whether you get it new or used.. MSCHEWWW abeg ooo.. no ..I can't bring myself to part with that much...for an exercise dvd?? So using my thrifty mind..I began poring through craigslist for some deals.. Long story short..found someone who had purchased the original hella expensive program and was offering to burn copies of all for $50..

Went to his house yesterday (lovely wife and children) and he put them all in for me to view on his dvd..and can't even tell they're copies..yay!!! I handed over the moola and I even told him I'd call him after the fit test if I was even alive lmao..

So..I'm at the office now *shh* anxiously awaiting 4 o'clock so I can run home and complete the fit test, which is the dvd for DAY 1, to see how I hold up :D :D :D :D

I've been watching youtube videos and reading up on everyone's experience and I hear some people vomit so I think I'll have a trash can nearby :-/ wish me luck I'm UBER EXCITED..

My hope is to video myself doing the fit test using my we'll see how that works out...

Ok.... I can't even look at you all. I know, I know.. where the heck have I been? How has the weight loss "Battle of the Bulge" been going? you have probably figured out by my prolonged absence..NOT SO GREAT.. lol

What I usually do..I have done again..

I go really hard and gung ho for a month and then I miss one day-which turns into 2 days- which subsequently turns into 3-4 weeks and off the wagon I fall.

So my last post was when..2009??!!! My Lord in Heaven *shakes head ruefully*'s the good news

A lot has gone in my life since then. I've gone through yet another maturation process, progressed in my goals and taken a few vital and key steps towards complete independence. Most notably, I moved out of my parents house!!! Hallelujah *does happy dance* Those of you who may come from stricter cultures may be able to relate to the hell that I had to go through just to accomplish this. (You know, they subscribe to the whole "stay in the house until you get married..then they'll transfer ownership lol" ) Even as I write this one half of my parents is barely talking to me, but it was needed.

There is nothing that can compare to having FREEDOM and PEACE OF MIND. My life is filled with so much's amazing. To be able to come home and not be nagged or have my privacy invaded upon is priceless. Most importantly, I can truly cultivate friendships and relationships in a way that just was not possible before. Invite people OVER..TRAVEL without asking permission and lying about where I'm going lol... No more pretending to work overnite at the hospital just so I can stay out overnite..

YES my 24..I was still doing all of that..I know, ridiculous. But enough of that..I'm focused, re-commited and in possession of a gem that I feel will help me accomplish winning this fight against the evil that is "jiggly fat" :D Stay tuned..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Usually, I find that it helps to have a clear motivational factor in mind when excercising. Something that when your thighs are starting to burn, and your breathing becomes ragged, your brain zeroes in on that "THING" that will make you start singing "I'm Every Women" and pick up the pace.
For me, that factor is usually pure vanity and the realization that summer is fast approaching, but now and then special events pop up that I have to "prepare" for. Lmaooooo.. I am such a dork..see me acting like a celebrity that's 'bout to hit the red carpet.. But i no dey exaggerate, that's how I feel whenever I'm gonna be around a lot of naija women; scrutinized and examined with a sharpened eye, head to toe. You know how some naijas are now. lol..
Anyway sha..the event I'm am now "preparing" for is the Harvard African Business Conference. It's being held in Cambridge, Massachussets Feb. 20th-22nd. NO, I am not husband hunting lol..I'm too young for that and I have numerous dating years ahead of me.. (just until 25 then I'll get a bit more focused)
Unfortunately, I just learned about this from a post on that doesnt leave me much time..but hey motivation is motivation abi? I'm trying to firm things up so that at the afterparties when I'm squatting (cuz u know there's gonna be some short ass men there ..sigh) and shimmying and shaking I look semi-sexy doing it lol.
SO...the treadmill... Una should clap for me!!! It's been roughly a week and I've worked my way up to 2min 30sec running intervals with a 1 minute walk in between.. after I do 4 cycles of that I put the treadmill on incline and walk uphill for 5mins..then a 5min cool down..
I havent been able to do my step aerobic dvd after though..after that brief stint with the treadmill I barely make it over to my coach to collapse.. My goal is to be able to treadmill and then do my step routine after all in one I did in the past..
So you know I'm doing the atkins diet right? So can I just tell you 3 more pounds have melted off..!!!!! I know no if na water weight or wetin ..but regardless I am feeling myself right about now.. so the grand total as of Feb. 1st, 2009 is 10lbs lighter!! Cheahh!!! Now..since I will be going to a conference where there'll be tall (hopefully) handsome (hopefully) successful (God willing) african men in suits.. I think I wanna have a lil discussion about dating, flirting, dancing, approaching and all that lovely stuff women get to do;) ..that'll be my next entry;)